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Room & Building Acoustics

Sound Insulation

Noise Reduction

Product & Equipment Noise Control


Structure Borne Noise

We specialize in acoustic design and measurements. The best results are achieved when acoustic considerations are integrated into the design process from the beginning of the project. We provide room and building acoustics design for various spaces such as offices, factories, schools, hospitals, and residential buildings.

We design, calculate, and model the sound insulation of structures to ensure that the indoor noise level is controlled. We conduct noise modeling and produce noise maps as well as plans for road, rail, and environmental noise control.

Additionally, we design noise control for equipment and machinery, and conduct vibration measurements and vibration damping design.



Water & Sewerage




Building Automation

Expertise Statements

Our areas of expertise in design include water and sewerage, heating, cooling, ventilation, and building automation design. Whether it’s a new construction or a renovation project, the expertise of our design professionals covers a wide range of building types, such as residential, commercial, and industrial buildings from different eras.

After the design phase, we procure projects and also carry out their actual supervision as well as designer supervision. Various procurement and contract forms are chosen based on the client’s objectives and the nature of the project.

We provide expertise statements based on our solid knowledge of the field. Trust us even in challenging questions – our solutions are based on extensive experience and the latest research findings.



Energy Planning

Energy Calculation

Energy Productivity Optimization

Thermal Comfort

Life cycle and energy planning encompass the entire life cycle assessments of the property and building, as well as the evaluation and simulation of energy efficiency. Additionally, indoor air conditions are modeled, measured, and ensured to meet the intended standards and regulations.

Know precisely how energy is utilized. Our energy calculations provide you with a clear understanding of energy consumption, aiding in identifying saving opportunities and enhancing resource utilization.

Our goal is to optimize your energy productivity. We employ innovative solutions to ensure that your energy consumption is at an optimal level without compromising on comfort or functionality.

Our thermal comfort help create optimal indoor conditions, ensuring a comfortable environment both in workplaces and residences.


Compressed Air & Gas Systems

Cryogenic Systems

Flue Gas Systems

Process Design

Demanding Pneumatic Tube Systems

We have extensive experience in special systems, including the design of various industrial process equipment and systems.

We are experienced in designing gas, liquid gas, and flue gas systems. Whether it is an industrial or commercial project, we design efficient and safe compressed air and gas systems that meet even the most demanding requirements.

Our innovative and precise design solutions for cryogenic systems ensure that refrigeration technology operates optimally both in industry and laboratories.

We specialize in meticulous process design solutions tailored to meet specific industrial needs.

We have designed pneumatic tube systems for buildings ever since the early 1990’s, and are very experienced with very large and extremely demanding sites. Being manufacturer-independent, we can always design a tube system that is a perfect match for the site in question. 


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