HVAC and plumbing design

We design HVAC and plumbing systems for both renovation and new construction. Our long experience in design, detailed know-how, and continuous learning about the latest project technology make us a partner you can trust. We maintain our skills through regular training and by following the technical developments in our field.

The main areas of our design knowledge are water and sewer, heating pipe, cooling, ventilation, and automation. We are also experts in hospital technology, and various other specialised systems.

Our offering also includes construction site supervision at sites designed by other companies. As site supervisors, we represent the client who has ordered the work. We are renowned for our attention to detail and the extremely high standards we maintain at all the sites we work on.

Our task is to ensure that the project is completed with high-quality results, and within the agreed schedule. In demanding projects, flexibility, agility, and cost control are key.

Solving HVAC and plumbing-related problems is at the heart of what we do. Our accredited (FINAS T276) multi-purpose laboratory gives us the opportunity to test and compare the success of different solutions first in a controlled environment before taking them on-site.

Our customer base comprises a wide range of companies from various fields, as well as public stakeholders and housing cooperatives. With many of them, we have already completed several projects together.

We also draw up condition surveys for buildings. A concise condition survey indicates where a building needs to be examined more closely.  Condition surveys with a broader scope define and plan the building’s repair and renovation needs in detail.

Depending on the need, we can provide brief instructions for alteration, repair, renovation or modernisation, or draw up a complete and comprehensive overall plan.





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