Laboratory measurements

Whenever required, we make comprehensive HVAC, plumbing and acoustics measurements at our design sites.

At our two accredited laboratories, we obtain fluid mechanical, thermodynamic, and acoustical measurements for manufacturers’ equipment type approval. As we test different types of equipment, we also learn more about how they work and our own problem-solving capabilities. We take on challenges with gusto and work until we find the solution to any problem, no matter how difficult, involving air conditioning, cooling, plumbing or heating equipment use and installation. When required, we can test different solutions in a laboratory environment, where it is easy to make comparisons and gather data that help make decisions on the best solution for each situation.

We are independent experts on the operation and noise impact of HVAC, plumbing and other related equipment. In legal cases, we act as an expert witness, providing specialist knowledge based on documented measurements, conducted with precision instruments.

Our laboratory also features a calibration service, where you can deliver your equipment for calibration at agreed intervals. Our operations are flexible and fast.

In our laboratory, we can, for example, build model rooms where the air conditioning and cooling of replicated room spaces can be tested before construction in the design phase, ensuring a high-quality result. When required, our innovative engineers can also build various testing systems to identify risks beforehand; based on the tests, projects can then make the right decisions on the systems and implement better solutions.

We perform measurements related to occupational health. Draught, temperature, indoor air quality, humidity, noise, and harmful substances are some of the more common issues we investigate. We provide a statement of the results in writing, and, if needed, draw up a repair plan.

Our laboratory services include:

Acoustical measurements:

  • Determination of sound power levels in reverberation room or using sound intensity (ISO 3741, ISO 9614)
  • Acoustical measurements of HVAC devices (e.g. air terminal units, air supply units, ISO 5135)
  • Measurement of sound attenuation (ISO 7235)
  • Measurement and rating of sound absorption (ISO 354, ISO 11645)
  • Laboratory measurement of sound insulation of building elements (ISO 15186-1)
  • Noise emission measurement of water supply appliances (ISO 3822)

Fluid dynamics:

  • Measurement of air flow, 0-3.5 m³/s (ISO 5167)
  • Aerodynamic testing of air terminal devices (SFS-EN 12238)
  • Performance testing of fans (ISO 5801)
  • Air discharge characteristics of supply air devices
  • Performance testing of heat exchangers (SFS-EN 308)
  • Performance testing of mechanical supply and exhaust ventilation units (SFS-EN 13141)
  • Heating and cooling power measurements
  • Prototype design, manufacturing and testing
  • Physical testing of sanitary tapware and water supply appliances (EN 718, EN 1111)
  • Water volume flow and pressure loss measurements

Wastewater noise measurements:

A wastewater noise measurement system in our laboratory can be used to measure noise levels from wastewater installations at different water flow rates. Quantities according to EN 14366 can be defined for pipe materials as well as structure borne vibration and sound power levels. Measurements with various types of bracketing, enclosures and insulation are possible. We can also make precise wastewater noise calculations for noise modelling purposes.

Zenner Engineers’ acoustics and HVAC laboratory is testing laboratory no. T276 accredited by FINAS Finnish Accreditation Service, accreditation requirement SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017.





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