Field measurements

We make comprehensive sound, HVAC and plumbing measurements at planning and construction sites. Our experts conduct all field measurements and tests related to housing comfort, system functionality, flue inspections and surveys, moisture measurements, leak location, infrared temperature measurement, and tightness tests for ducts, piping, and buildings.

We also draw up condition surveys for buildings. A concise condition survey indicates where a building needs to be examined more closely. Condition surveys with a broader scope define and plan the building’s repair and renovation needs in detail.

Depending on the need, we can provide brief instructions for alteration, repair, renovation or modernisation measures, or draw up a complete and comprehensive overall plan.

One of the topics we investigate is acoustics, since impact sounds, the sound insulation of structures, and room acoustics are all key components of comfortable living. If you suspect problems related to sounds or acoustics on your site, we can take measurements with our laboratory equipment, and use this data to draw up a suggestion or solution plan.

Our field measurement services include:

Acoustical measurements:

  • Measurement and rating of airborne and impact sound insulation (ISO 16283-1, -2 and -3, ISO 717-1 and -2)
  • Noise measurements indoors (ISO 16032)
  • Noise measurements: environmental noise, traffic noise, indoor noise measurements (ISO 1996, Ministry of Environment Guide 1/1995, ISO 16032)
  • Room acoustics measurements: reverberation time, STI, room acoustic parameters (ISO 3382)
  • Determination of sound power levels using sound intensity (ISO 9614)
  • Noise mapping and sound leak investigations
  • Vibration measurements

Building physics:

  • Temperature and humidity measurements (also long-term monitoring)
  • Air tightness tests for building materials and buildings (n50 and q50, SFS-EN 13289)
  • Thermal camera measurements
  • Field measurements related to HVAC systems, e.g. volume flow and pressure difference

Zenner Engineers’ acoustics and HVAC laboratory is testing laboratory no. T276 accredited by FINAS Finnish Accreditation Service, accreditation requirement SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.





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